2010 US Windsurfing Nationals

UPDATE: the 2010 nationals are complete and I’ve amassed thousands of photos.  Some of them have been loaded to the gallery, with more to come.  Stay tuned for the final set.  If you provide me with your email address I can notify you when the gallery is complete.  Thanks for all the great racing action!

San Francisco and Crissy Field will once again play hosts for the US Windsurfing National Championship. July 20th – 24th, 2010 at St. Francis Yacht Club.

Sail Number Name
BRA3333 Paulo dos Reis
KA7 Phil McGain
BRA999 Wilhelm Schurmann
FRA105 Aurelien Le Metayer
USA64 Seth Besse
ESP71 Fernando Martinez del Cerro Delgado
GBR451 Xavier Ferlet
USA882 Al Mirel
USA18 Chris Radkowski
USA4 Steve Bodner
S3 Steve Sylvester
44 Eric Christianson
USA13 Tom Purcell
G42 Andreas Macke
USAVYV Mike Percey
A Soheil Zahedi
AE1 Peter Bonello
22 Ben Bamer
US46 David Wells
POR5 Miguel Martinho
K Ron Kern
US163 Cullen Ahearn
USA09 David Kashy
USA543 Macrae Wylde
US007 Chris Gardiner
USA283 Jason Ward
US86 Royce Yen
FIN196 Lasse Uronen
USA45 Jay Watermeyer
P Tavis Perez
246 Lyn Preuit
US71 Rick Whidden
MAC Jim McGrath
USA696 Saba Fazeli
USA793 Austin Emser
US213 Myles Borash
21 Lynn Olinger
32 Jason Henry
US54 John Steinstra
552 Alex Nielsen
T Tim Thole
USA8 Jason Voss
41 Karen Mariott
82 Robert Montgomerie
NZL202 Stephen Gray
1618 Ben Grodner
US015 Alyson Fromm
F11 Fiona Wylde
C12 Charlie Lundquist
Z Jean Rathle

Here are a few helpful links for the event:

Past US Windsurfing Nationals photos:

You can also find photos by racers’ names or sail numbers. Example: Steve Bodner. Check out the keyword page to find your own.

Check back frequently for updates on the 2010 US Windsurfing Nationals.