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Season finale 200 lap Enduro at the Petaluma Speedway

Last night, the Petaluma Speedway hosted their final event of the 2009 racing season, a 200 lap enduro. As the 39 entrants lined up on the track before the start, nearly half of the 3/8 mile track was covered with cars. The field was made up of a wide variety of cars including a Volvo, a Lincoln Towncar, 2 Ford Falcons, a Toyota Corolla, lots of Chevy Monte Carlos, and a bunch of others. Rules of the enduro were simple. No yellow flags. If a car died, it was left on the track for the rest of the race right where it died and the driver and co-driver remained inside.

Congrats to Danny Marsh (shown above) for his first race in his 1964 Ford Falcon.

Check out the full gallery of photos.

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