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San Francisco photo safari. Who’s game?

After request from several friends, I’m starting to organize a photo walk in San Francisco. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Here’s the idea…

Everyone brings their camera gear and we go on a group hike (safari) in a neighborhood of San Francisco. The walk will take us past several San Francisco vistas and along the way we’ll get to experience the atmosphere of the particular neighborhood. By walking, we’ll get to see things that we would normally just cruise right by.

Everyone should have a general understanding of how their camera and equipment operates but I will provide some coaching and tips as we go. We can also trade gear within the group so people can try new lenses, etc.

At the end of the safari, we’ll take a look at everyones’ photos and do a group critique.

A couple other variations I’m considering:

  • I can organize lens rentals so everyone has the same lens to work with. This way we could really see the differences in the styles of the various photographers.
  • We could do a musical chairs type arrangement with a variety of lens types with each person getting their chance to try each one. At one location you might “have” to shoot with the telephoto while someone else is using a wide angle. Then at the next location everyone would switch.

Please let me know if this sounds like something you would be interested in. Also, suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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