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New camera ready for action – Nikon D300

I’m very excited that my new camera, a Nikon D300, has arrived and is ready for action.

Nikon D300 camera

After adding on a few extra components (extra grip, extra battery, battery hatch, battery charger), I’ve boosted it up to 8 frames per second, faster than my old D200’s 5 frames per second. This combined with improvements in the camera’s image processing should help me capture some awesome action photos. It’s only one frame per second than the Nikon D3 and has the APS size sensor instead of the full frame so it gets me 1.5 times closer to the action too.

I’m getting rid of my Nikon D70 if anyone is interested, let me know. It’s a great camera and will serve someone well. Here’s the review of the D70 by DPReview.com.

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