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Friday night formula racing

The formula racers were offered up a treat last night at their regularly scheduled 5:30 race. Normal conditions are that the breeze will die off as the evening progresses so sailors rig a bigger sail than needed for the first race to have enough power for later on. Yesterday evening was different. At the skippers’ meeting, race office John Craig reviewed the weather forecast, winds solid 28mph with gusts over 30, and gave the sailors a choice. Did they want to race formula or get in some freestyle and slalom practice. The choice was made and instead of the normal 10-11m sail, the sailors rigged up their 5-6m sails.

As always, if you see yourself in any of the photos, please add a comment with your name. Then I can group all your photos together for you like this: Steve Bodner, Al Mirel, David Wells, Jean Rathle.


slalom windsurfing jibe at Crissy Field

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