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Traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina

Today I started my trip to Argentina. First off was an 11 am flight from San Francisco to Chicago, and then a connecting flight on to Buenos Aires arriving at 11 am.

Total travel time… 29 hours.

We took a taxi to the Che Lulu hotel in Palermo. The room wasn’t ready yet, so we left our bags and walked around. First impression – this is a scary place. Run-down buildings with graffiti all over, dirty, abandoned streets. What did I get myself into?

We stopped at a corner shop and had some delicious ice cream. Checked in to hotel room. Wandered around some more. For dinner, we ate empanadas and pizza outside and watched the traffic. All the streets are one way streets and there are no stop signs. Somehow it all works out, usually with the driver with the most momentum leading the way through the intersection.

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