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Dec 31st headed home from Argentina

Today was the last day of the trip. After wandering around Palermo one last time, we stopped to get some lunch. It was blazing hot (about 38C) and we were happy to find a place with air conditioning. Today’s lunch consisted of a tray of deli meats and cheeses. On the way back to the apartment we stopped in to a wine shop to check out the Argentinian wines and found a bottle of Syrah to take home. The owner of the apartment came over to return our security deposit and pick up the keys.

After that, we were off in a taxi to the international airport. We had been advised to leave for the airport well in advance of our flight time and when we got there we found out why. The check-in area consisted of one very long line for each departing flight (Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York). Our line to Dallas ended up taking 3 hours for us to get to the counter to check in. The airline attendant advised us that the customs line could be a lengthy process as well and that we should get there as quickly as possible. We took her advice but then found out that the only restaurant after security was already closed and there was no food for us. Then, after boarding the plane, the captain informed everyone that we would be delayed. The cause of the delay – no fuel. The company that fuels the planes had decided to go out of business only 2 hours previously. So, we ushered in the new year sitting in the plane on the ground in Buenos Aires.

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