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Dec 24th Patagonia

Today we signed up for the Big Ice Glacier Tour with Hielo y Aventura. Their bus picked us up at our hotel and drove us about an hour to see the glacier. The first stop was at an overlook at the front of the glacier.

Perito Moreno glacier Perito Moreno Glacier

Then we took the bus down to the edge of the glacial lake and boarded a boat.

boat to Perito Moreno glacier

Once on the other side, we met up with our guides, got fitted for crampons, and began the hike to the glacier. The Mini Treking groups had only a few minutes walk before getting to the glacier, but since we were on the Big Ice tour we hiked for about an hour along the side of the glacier before stepping onto the ice.

Big Ice trek on Perito Moreno glacier Big Ice trek on Perito Moreno glacier

Mid way through the glacier hike, we stopped for lunch next to this beautiful blue pool of glacial melt water.

glacial water pool Perito Moreno Perito Moreno glacier

After we hiked back, turned in our crampons, rode the boat, rode an hour in the bus, we were exhausted. Definitely nap time. At 9:30 our hotel had arranged a Christmas Eve dinner for all the guests. We had lots of food and wine and then champagne at midnight. There were lots of interesting people staying at the hotel – Jorge, the Spanish police officer from Zaragosa, a guy headed to Iraq with the national guard when he got home, Lisa, an Irish girl teaching in Colombia.

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