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Trip to Costa Rica

Surfing in Costa Rica

A week-long trip to Arenal, the volcano, and then to the beach, Playa Santa Teresa, on the Nicoya Peninsula (Pacific Side).

If you’re looking for a beautiful, warm, and relaxing place to go, Costa Rica is an excellent choice. If you are after some place cheap and cultural, pick somewhere else. While the infrastructure of Costa Rica is primarily third-world, prices are not.

We arrived in San Jose mid-afternoon and took a mini-bus toward Arenal where our hotel was. The weather was warm and it was just starting to rain. The trip went on for what seemed like forever and it quickly turned dark and started raining much harder. The roads were very narrow and most were not paved. There were no roadsigns or streetlights and lots of accidents, some serious. That was possibly the scariest drive I have ever been on and I was so glad that we had decided to take the mini-bus and not rent our own car. Upon arrival at our hotel, the guy at the front desk gave us a ride to a nearby restaurant so we could get some dinner. The next day we went for a hike to see the volcano and then went to the Tabacon Hot Springs. The following day we took another mini-bus to Puntarenas to take a ferry to the peninsula and the beach. We spent the rest of the trip enjoying the beach and the surf.

Check out the photos.

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